2 weeks 3 days old

Calli is two weeks old and is growing strong. Wednesday at her doctor appointment she weighed in at 9 pounds. She is almost official turkey size!
Wednesday was a big day out for us. Lots of first. We had an appointment at hubby's work to fill out some paperwork, then a visit to school followed by a doctor appointment. Long day out. I tried feeding Calli under the nursing cover for the first time and she ended up vomiting the full contents of her stomach all over me and her. I was afraid to feed her for the next couple of hours, so she really probably weighs more but was on a super empty stomach. 
The posts are few and far between because I can't seem to get my self together enough to sit down and post. I can't believe that the days are flying by so quickly. We wake up around 9 or 10 and when I turn around we are finishing dinner and thinking about the nighttime feedings. We've been tying to get out a bit so that we can get used to that before hubby goes back to work. Yesterday I took her out by myself for the first time, it was only an hour down the road to my mom's apartment but a solo trip nonetheless. 
I will work on posting more pictures, I promise. There isn't much else going on in my life other than keeping Calli fed, clean, clothed and happy so the posts will probably be short.
Later peeps.

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