Pregnancy update: 25 weeks

Stats: 6 months and 1 week, 4 days; 179 days to be exact. Yup. 179/280. About 100 more days to go. Whoa.
  • I have been wearing a ring on my right hand thumb since the day I received it as a senior in high school. Up until last week that is. My thumb is no longer the dainty thumb that I had in high school. nope. Can't wear that anymore. Also can't wear my diamond ring; am still rocking the band though. We'll see for how long.
  • At my last appointment I didn't gain any weight. I was super proud because that covered the holiday month! wahoo. We'll see if that continues this month. My guess... NO WAY!
  • Baby girl is moving around a ton. You can see my belly shaking and most of the time you can feel her kicks from the outside. Hubby has caught both the kicking and the belly rocking. 
  • I try to talk to the little lady every chance I get. So not necessarily while sitting at my desk but if I am in the car or at home and she is kicking I am talking to her; sometimes singing.
  • Some books say this is the last week in the second trimester some books say a couple more weeks. I am generally feeling pretty good. Mostly I forget until I get a kick or have to pee. My back hurts a little and my feel are somewhat swollen by the end of the day. Otherwise, really no complaints.
  • Except the sleeping. I can't seem to get consistent sleep. I have my new boyfriend the pregnancy body pillow and most of the time that helps; until you want to turn over of course. I couldn't even really tell you why I'm not sleeping. It isn't the kicking, although it is when she tends to starts that jazzercise routine.  Side story; the other night her kicking was tickling me in my sleep. I think I was laughing in my sleep.
  • I am getting larger but not too big, which is nice. As I understand that will end during the third trimester so there is no real rush to get there.
  • Hubby has started working on the nursery. We picked out a color and we have emptied the room of all furniture. Little by little we will get there.
  • The battle of the girl's name 2013 has begun. I shouldn't really describe it as a battle because we are generally on the same page. Mostly we haven't found the exact name yet. Hubby thinks we have but we haven't. We will not share this information, so don't ask. Mostly the issue is that we have so many women in our families and we don't want to name her after anyone... this too will get figured out. Right now hubby calls her cheesy because of her last ultrasound pic, she had a big cheesy grin. 
That's all for now. Oh except to say that I should have made the first goal on my goal sheet to make a goal sheet. I still haven't worked that out but I am getting there. The first few weeks of this year have been super busy, both at work and at home.

Ciao for now,

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smiley9188 said...

I LOVE this post! I love that she's kicking like crazy. I love that she's tickling you! I love that you're feeling well. SO happy for you!