Happy New Year!!

2013! Is here and there ain't no stopping now! Mayans be damned!
I'm not a resolution makin and keepin kinda gal, but as I look at the calendar and realize that there are 16 weeks til this little lady is due and there are a million things to do I can't help but want to make a list. This will be a goals list. It is hard for me to look at the next 16 weeks as one big chink. One of the things that has been helping me stay calm through this pregnancy has been taking it a small chunk at a time. Not event just trimester by trimester because those are pretty long too, but rather by milestones, appointments and other smaller chunks. (I'm not quite sure what my deal is this morning with the work chunk but it seems to work!) Last week was the echo ultrasound where we looked really closely at her heart. Hubby was born with a heart defect so we get to take an extra in depth look at her heart. It is really amazing what they can see and detect in utero and at what stages. Her heart is perfect, I am happy to report. Next chunk is Dr appt. next week, so this was a really small one.
So I am looking at the next 16 weeks and assigning goals to each week. I'm not sure yet what kinds of goals, I'm sure some will be smaller and more fun, while others will be more important and big ticket kind of stuff like paint the room, order a crib, build the crib and most importantly go through the six tubs of stuff and figure out what I have and what I want/need. I don't think I will share the list but I will be sure to let you all know when I accomplish something. That's just the way I roll.
Lastly and sadly vaca is over. It was fun while it lasted. Hubby and I had a blast. We went out to breakfast, attended holiday parties, went to visit a little lady that was born about a month ago to his best friend, I spent lots of time with my mom, I read and rested and only set my alarm like 3 times. Ahhh.... it was heavenly.  Last night at about 7pm I realized that yesterday was the last vaca day that I will take until little lady is here. I don't plan on stopping working by any specific day. My work is mostly office work, I will stop traveling by middle of February, and the office is about 7 minutes from the dr office and about 5 from the hospital, and is full of women ready to take me anywhere I need to go so frankly I feel safer there than at home. 
Ok peeps. Hope all is well in bloggie land and that you are all healthy happy!

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