Because that is all I could come up with...
  • Today is the first of July and truly feels like the beginning of Summer. I am so excited. I am shooting a wedding tomorrow and then nothing but work and preparing for this amazing addition to my life. Whoa!
  • I got a B in that godforsaken class.... and I mad. Yup, I hated every minute of it, walked out of the final having not finished half of it and am mad that I got a B.
  • The office is eerily quiet today. I've been immersed in bad internet and now writing this post.
  • I have experienced that for some people seeing a pregnant woman brings out the worst in them. They feel compelled to say things like, "you don't look bad at all" and "getting big huh?" Even the doctor gets in on it and says things like (after putting his hands on my 30 week along belly), "you're pregnant!" I'm still on the fence about the comments (that are supposed to be positive)... "gosh you don't even really look pregnant", is that supposed to mean that all these years that I have been looking pregnant and no one told me? My absolute favorite was said to a colleague that was pregnant, "OMG look at how freaking big you are!" and "They should give her the end seat because she needs all the room she can get" Dang! That has GOT to be the worst. My rule of thumb is and always will be to not comment on anything that I would not want to hear myself, unless it is your very best friend/ sister and she asks you for your complete honest opinion. ... Actually, even then on second thought, tell her she looks great!
  • I'm hungry. Seems like all the time.
  • People are calling me "mom" and I don't realize they are talking to me.
  • I am planning on spending some time with my sister and her family this weekend and I am giddy about it. I haven't seen them since Memorial Day and I MISS them tons. Her new house has an in ground pool and I plan on floating my way through the 4th.
  • When we moved in to my childhood house growing up it had an above ground pool. I have ALWAYS been attracted to water and LOVED to swim and spend time in the ocean. That first year in our new house we had a tough time stabilizing the water, so most of that summer it was a deep swamp like green color. I didn't care one bit and spent every day of that summer swimming and floating and loving every minute of it. I'm surprised that my hair didn't turn green or my skin for that matter. In the end my mom bought a bunch of bleach and poured it in and that was what fixed it.
Hope you all have a fabulous 4th. Enjoy and be safe.

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