Tis the Season

It's here Christmas week is here and about to be gone. I'm finally done with my shopping, tree trimming, staff partying and general merriment. I'm ready for the family togetherness and the cuddling and snuggling under the covers.
Bring it on.
I'm even ready for the first snow fall. I have to say that working for a university makes all the difference when it comes to snow days. Being married to a school teacher all these years and KNOWING that he would get snow days and I would not was always the BIGGEST BUMMER. Especially those terrible days where work really should have been canceled and it wasn't and I got stuck on the highway in terrible traffic because the governor let all the state employees go at once and it clogged up the highways so the plows couldn't get through.... I would call my teacher husband and he would be all cozied up on the couch and say, be careful, it's cold. It SUCKED. I do have to say though that he ALWAYS made sure the driveway was clear and the snow was taken care of by the time I got home.
But now... REDEMPTION is mine because I get snow days too. When the radio and news declare a nor'easter headed our way, you can hear me chanting "snow day!" right along with him and other teachers and students everywhere!
Hope we get one soon!


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JudyB said...

Snow Days! it's one of the best things about my job!