Although it is not a school day it will be a snow day nonetheless and just as awesome. I woke up early and got to the store before the rest of the world woke up and realized that they are predicting 10-20 inches. I was glad to have gotten there before the rest of the world, but now I am walking around the house thinking of all the things I didn't get because I was still in the Sunday morning haze. Oh well. I am not going back out. The house is too cozy.
So here is a list of the things that I will be doing today:
  • playing with all my toys that I got for Christmas. New instant camera that I LURVE!
  • READING- my book is due at the library and I'm only halfway through it.
  • Resting because I still have a nasty cold.
  • Cleaning my office and bedroom. I would have liked to write vegging out in front of the boob tube, but hubby is working on the living room today. He is repairing the walls and prepping for the painting that we plan to do in the coming days.
  • Scouring all corners of the interweb. I got questions and dagnabit the interweb's got answers.
  • Cooking. I promised hubby we could have pasta tonight and I have some other stuff in the fridge that needs to get cooked so that I don't throw it out.
  • Maybe some laundry. Why not. It is always there and needing to get done....
  • Maybe some shoveling. We'll see how the cold holds up. I would hate to be on the mend and have this darn snowmaggedon get me sick again.
What are you gonna do today?


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