Weekend catch up

Another busy one folks.
Friday: Started the work day with a super duper long meeting in Cromwell... got back to work just in time for lunch. Awesome. Went home and chilled with hubby, made a yummy dinner of sausage and sauteed arugula and quinoa. Love it. Headed out to Windsor Locks to a bar.. yup they got em out there. Went to celebrate a colleague's engagement... hubby's teacher friend.
Saturday: Of course started the day at the gym with some water aerobics. Headed to the mall to get nylons and look for anything else worth adding to my wardrobe. Came home and did all the prerequisite wedding preparation stuff, painted my toenails, did a mini t-zone facial shaved my legs... if that is TMI... sorry. Went to a super fun wedding. Kyle and Kenny finally tied the knot! We sat at the rowdy table and had tons of fun.
Today was the end of daylight savings. Although it was awesome to have an extra hour of sleep it was super sad to look out the window at 5pm and see the darkness had set in. Ugh, wasn't quite ready to give up summer much less daylight.
Had a yummy breakfast at Agave and enjoyed the Veterans Parade downtown. Miss my downtown days.... but then I think of the traffic and the hefty parking bills... over it.
Spend the rest of the afternoon studying for marketing exam tomorrow night. Think I'll do ok.
Now headed down to enjoy some yummy homemade soup that hubby has had simmering in the crock pot all afternoon. Yummy.

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HeatherMeH said...

A t-zone facial, breakfast at Agave and dinner already made for you all in one day? JEALOUS!