Twas the 5 days before Christmas...

Tis 5 days before Christmas and I'm just starting to get my stuff done. This weekend was another busy bee weekend, although not as busy as last weekend. Today I was at the Pond House in West Hartford photographing the character brunch for Hartford Stage. The stage brings some characters from the show and you get to mingle with while enjoying the delicious brunch that the Pond House serves. It was fun, even if I did have to leave the absolutely cozy and warm house to venture into the bitterly cold morning. Today we are trimming our tree and making lasagna for hubby to take to school. I also managed to get some more shopping done. I can't seem to get done this year... same list as always not sure what that is all about. Oh well... slowly but surely even that will get done.
Hope you all enjoyed the snow day.


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