2.5 weeks of craziness

My 2 1/2 weeks of craziness are starting to wind down. Not only was work nutso but my life was turned around too. I had Thanksgiving and friends over in the same weekend, then holiday parties and commencement, photographing Santa, baby shower, more friends over for dinner, midnight breakfast, two doctors appointments (I'm fine), final exam, shopping, first snow, cleaning.... AUGH. It has been enough to drive this lady NUTS! But here it is almost over. Whoo hoo.
Today was the last last class, got my final back and got a 94. Go me. I was kinda upset though, those 6 points were stupid mistakes that really could have been avoided. It should have been 100, and maybe I'm being hard on myself but dang it, It would have been great to get 100.
This weekend hubby and I will get our tree and decorate it. I will finish the shopping and next week should be smooth sailing to 11 days of FREEDOM. My first full fledged vacation in a long freeking time! I think I deserve it.


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JudyB said...

Great work on that exam! Enjoy your vacation too!