Nice Matters and White Noise

I've been nomiated for the "nice matters" bloggie award. My loveliest mama Ali nominated me in the sweetest nicest way. No wonder she was nominated and sent it my way.

Right now I don't feel like being nice. My MAC is being mean and has the weirdest white noise in the background. Some times I think it the speakers, but the sound is not there all the time. I've talked to tech support and we did a p-ram something and that seemed to work... until I hung up. OF COURSE. I have to say that I'm lucky and talked to some great peeps so I'm not complaining... yet.

So in case my computer gets taken away for a bit here are some pics.

It was Kyle's b-day yesterday... 7 people! We celebrated with cake.

I know... super freaking cute. What can I say... my sister's got good genes!

Joe's birthday next week... 13. I'm old and he's a TEENAGER! argh.

So funny... they decided to blow out the candles before we even sang. We had to light them again. This is take two.

This little patriot tuckered himself way out.

Note to self... do not sing songs with lyrics in them that you don't want kids repeating and repeating and asking what that means. They hear everything and will remember EVERYTHING. All I can say is... "Blinded by the light, wrapped up like a deuce..." hahaha.

Love to you all and send me good computer vibes.

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mama al said...

thanks lady.

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