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That's me!!! I can't even tell you how frustrating life was yesterday... well at least I'm gonna try.
It all started a couple of months ago when we kept getting mail about the new AT&T cable/internet deal. They have a new digital cable that is supposed to be awesome. We wanted to upgrade our cable and internet so it seemed great. Then one day my husband changed his mind and said all at once, DON'T DO IT! Let's just call our regular cable provider and upgrade to their high speed internet and digital cable. So I called...
This is where everything starts to go downhill, and anyone who has ever called would know this. I called and spoke to a great sales person got all the details that I wanted and decided that yes we would do this.
She (salesperson) was really nice and helpful and we went through everything and in the end told me that I needed to pick up the DVR, and the modem and install it all myself or pay a hefty charge. This was not acceptable but ok. Then she said, BUT... if you get digital telephone then someone will come out and install that and the modem for free and the DVR for 1/2 charge. I was very happy with that checked with the husband and decided that YES indeed that was a great deal and I would take it. We even then were allowed an even better deal and got some premium channels for the digital cable.
So the appt was made for a week later (yesterday) between 8:30am and 10:30 am.
Happily I spent the week waiting for the extra channels, the all hallowed DVR that everyone who has one says they can't live without and the high speed internet.
So 8:30 comes around and I wait... and wait... and wait... and then 9:30 comes and I think, boy they never confirmed with me yesterday, hmmm... I should call and make sure that someone is even coming. So I call... and talk to another customer service rep to make sure that there is indeed an appointment, and she confirms that YES someone is on their way to install the digital phone. Well what about the DVR and modem??? They are scheduled for a self pickup and install. ARGH! I was so pissed and made sure she knew it too!!! The last woman I spoke to said that everything was going to be handled together at once and .... ARGH... fine, fine, FINE! I can do this. Hang up the phone and continue to WAIT. 10:29 comes and I am about to walk out the door and who shows up... the phone dude. Way to wait til the last possible minute huh!
It took about an hour and the dude was at least nice.
All day I'm pissed and finally after work (what was left of it) I head out to the cable company to pickup my DVR and modem to install MYSELF. I get there and tell them how pissed I already am and ask, "The modem is wireless, right?"
The lovely gentleman says no. ARGH!!! I need a wireless system and would have NEVER okayed anything else. At this point there is actual steam coming out of my ears. The woman at the desk hands me 5 free on demand movies for my "TROUBLES" and tells me that I am probably better off just buying a wireless router because their wireless system is "pricey"!!! ARGH... what did I just sign up for?

Come back to read "Friendly Neighborhood Computer Goddess 2" coming soon, where you can read all about the installation process!


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