Where have I been?

Well... GLORIOUS vacation is where.
What a wonderful time. I meant to post I swear I did... but there wasn't much of a connection on the beach and well the waves were calling. I did take tons of pictures which I will share ASAP. I haven't downloaded them yet because as soon as I got back from vacation I got sick. I've had a fever since Sunday... ARGGH.
Very depressing. I've been in and out of work all week, sweating (not like a lady), dizzy and a little sick to my stoamch. I hate a summer bug. I called the dr and they said that it sounded like a viral thing and it needs to run its course. AARGH. Another really annoying thing. I hate things that need to run their course. HAHHA I know that sounded super childish but I'm on the verge of temper tantrum here. I am the first person to tell people that they should stay home from work when they are not feeling well and the last person to actually stay home. Oh well. Thanks to all of you out there sending me well wishes. I hope the course gets runned out this weekend. :)

Not really much else to talk about. G is at the Gathering of the Vibes this weekend... I miss him. I like when he goes away because it gives me a little time to myself but I also hate when he is not around. Another childish thing to say huh. I'm not too proud to say when I miss my hubby. And right now.... I do.

Ciao for now,

PS. Congratulations to Jenica... the birthing story was inspirational, props to your hubby.
Ali- can't wait to hang on Thursday... is Nina joining us?
Anyone else out there... drop a line.

welcome to the family train.


mama al said...

feel better lady...

love you,


Marcus said...

Hey mamcita, hope you're feeling better.