Great Weekend.

I guess you could almost say WEEK.
Starting last Thursday hanging out with the loveliest ladies: Nina , Ali and Erin, and their most beautiful brood... Grace, Joey, Myles, Teagan, Benji and Keagan. Wow, what a day and it ended all to quickly... let's make plans ladies.

Later in the evening I went to visit an old friend that I went to High School with, K. She is wonderfully expecting her second child. Her daughter T is beautiful and I had a really great time. Dinner was DE-LISH.

Friday I headed out to Portland Maine with my girl Leah to see my fav Portland pair Judy and Jeff. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Portland and if I could not live here I would fo sho live there. The ocean, the art, the little boutiques, the restaurants. I love it all... but from what I hear the tourists are not easy to deal with... and neither are the winters. Oh well... maybe in my next life.

Now I'm back to work and waiting for the weekend...
Here are some pics...

I can't even believe that the month of August is gone and September is coming FAST.
I love the Fall though so... BRING IT ON!


mama al said...

it was fun! i miss you!

we are having a taggy tag tag sale tommarow...if you wanna come by!


jenica said...

i love these pics of some of my fav people. so jealous that you get to spend real time with them!