Meal Planning

Lately this has been the most difficult thing in my house. Calli is getting bigger and eating the same kinds of food that we eat but I can’t seem to get it together to make one meal that we all eat. Some of the difficulty comes from the fact that we all come home at such different times. Calli gets home at 3:30 and isn’t generally ready to eat until 5:30ish; it all depends on if she needs a cat nap. Hubby gets home somewhere around there and is usually ready to eat around 5:30ish; usually depends on if he needs a snack before that. I get home anywhere between 3:30 and 5:30 depending on if I am doing the pick-up that day and if I have class or an evening event and I can eat whenever.
There is the problem right there… they are all ready to eat the minute I get home and at this moment in time and I don’t have a plan in place; so what happens is that I scrape something together for Calli to eat and hubby will either already have eaten some leftovers or will make something else for us to eat (Calli usually doesn’t eat it because she will already have needed to eat or it is too spicy for her). THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE. When I have time and my sh*t together I usually make some bigger meals on Sunday or will roast lots of veggies and have them available to fill out any meal during the week. As of late (because of class, shooting weddings, baby’s birthday, Easter and other various obligations) I have not had any weekend time to prep and have resorted to eating popcorn or my favorite tortilla chips with melted cheese for dinner.
I have some ideas on how to do it but I don’t quite know how to get started and to sustain it. My dream is to have a dinner plan for the whole week that we stick to so that whoever is home first can start it and we can eat as a family all at the same time at the dining room table. I realize that this is probably not going to work every night and that the key is being flexible and up for anything (I am not sarcastic when I say that I love tortilla chips with melted cheese and salsa for dinner).
So bloggie  friends… I ask you… how do you do it? What works for you and what do you find challenging for family meals and planning?

Thanks peeps. Xo

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smiley9188 said...

ask cathy about dream dinners! She does it, they are super easy to make and taste yummy. It seems unnecessary for a cook to do this but for convenience and at this time in your life this might be seriously worth looking into. She made a chicken and pasta in a peanut sauce last night and it was delicious and took 10 minutes.