Wonderful start to the birthday week!

My sweet thing. 

Calli looks like she is showing off her new hat but in fact she is trying to figure out how to pull it off. 

Friday afternoon there was a power outtage at work so I came home early to finish up some emails and got to pick up my darling. I cherish that kinda stuff so much because I see and feel time speeding up and running away. Hubby took Calli to the grocery store with him so I could do some more work and try to pick up a bit around here. We had a great dinner and off to bed. Saturday was filled with gym, visiting my mom at the salon to get my eyebrows waxed, a visit to a family friend that is housebound, and hanging around the house while we got some stuff done. It was so chill and amazing at the same time. Every day this past week I have looked at Calli and just noticed in different ways how quickly she is growing and moving out of the baby stage. She took a step the other night and yesterday stood up from sitting, usually she has to pull herself up on something. She is so proud of herself in those moments and I am so so so proud too. Today we had a playdate with some ladies from the office that have had babies in the last year as well. We had fun watching them all play together and talked about the different stages we are all in. We walked across the street to the park and Calli went on the swings for the first time. It was so fun and special. Afterward we came home and napped and read for a little while and then spent the afternoon playing and trying to get some homework done. All in all a wonderful weekend and perfect start to a awesome birthday week.
Calli got her first shiner earlier in the week when she fell playing with her friends at daycare. 

Ciao for now!
Calli on the swings for the first time!

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