Stomach bug

Last night was my first encounter with the dreaded stomach bug. The only thing I have to say is, it could have been worse and OMG if it could have been worse I am not sure what I would have done.
Calli started getting sick around 9pm and I think the last bit of vomit happened around 2am. We went through 4 pairs of pajamas, three towels, one top sheet, one pair of sweats, shirt and slippers (although they really needed to get washed) of mine and then this morning we went through an outfit. Lots of laundry happening at our house today.
The worst part is not really understanding what was going on with her and feeling helpless to making it better. I cried a bit because I wished I could take the ick away and make it better.
We are home today together and I still want to take the ick away. She seems to be doing better but still not 100%.

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