Reality check

Calli's 1st day of daycare!
We've been living in the bubble of having the baby at home during the day. What a wonderful bubble it was. She was happy, I could call at any time to check on my family and hear her gurgling in the background. I could get a detailed minute by minute replay of what she did that day. All was great.
Yesterday the bubble burst and I brought baby girl to daycare. Ugh. I have to be honest, it wasn't terrible. I think it helped that I was back at work while she was home with hubby for a bit. She is at a home daycare in my neighborhood and that is nice too. I called (she said I could call as much as I want) around lunchtime and she was napping. I picked her up around 3pm (I could barely wait) and she was her usual happy-go-lucky self. I swear she looked different and seemed more grown up!
We celebrated by going out to dinner with Nonna at a new restaurant BonefishGrill. It was good. It's only been open a week.
The best part... baby girl slept a full 9 hours!!! She was doing that a month or so ago and then started waking up in the middle of the night and then reverted back to 6 or 7 hours a night. If the 9 hours is a side effect of the daycare, I am all for it!!! She was super happy this morning and feel asleep as I was dropping her off. I can only hope that this continues.
Tomorrow, hubby's students come back and I go back to the office and baby girl goes to daycare... that will be the real true test.
Have a great day!

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