Random thoughts and musings

  • People who say that you should pump or breast feed in a bathroom or worse yet bathroom stall have not done it nor do they understand the mechanics of it. 
  • Every time I sit down to eat baby girl fusses to be fed or picked up and I have a feeling this does not end for a long time. 
  • My car is in the shop again. Hubby's was there last week. Will it ever end. I feel like I'm making daycare payments to the mechanic. Also means that I am stuck at home! UGH!!!!!
  • Sleep is so much more important that I ever before realized. We celebrate when baby girl sleeps more than a 4 hour stretch. The other night it was 7 and I felt like a new woman.
  • I have a week and a half to go on my maternity leave. That makes me so nervous... and sad. Means baby girl is growing up.
  • There isn't really anything that was a huge surprise to me about having a baby... except for the magnitude of love that you can feel and have for another human being. I thought that I knew what love was... what did I know!
  • Why is it that we pine for the nice weather, and then as soon as it gets here we sit inside in the A/C all day?
  • Why won't she take the bottle now?


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