Fall is in the air

Whoa time is just flying by. I started the new gig a week and a half ago and I don't think I ever really understood the term "hit the ground running" until now. The department cleared out a few weeks before I started and therefore there is a LOT of catch up and clean up and get it done, without anyone to say, "this is how this is done". I guess it's the opposite of having someone constantly saying "that is not how we've done that in the past," which is something I really hate. So work is busy and awesome. I have an office and an assistant (and she only started a month ago so she doesn't have a whole lot of experience either) (and she helps another team as well). But I really feel like I have work that is mine to do and get done and it is awesome. The not awesome part is being really overwhelmed right up front so that I can't sleep at night. But I'm sure that will start to wane once I start to feel more familiar with the gig.
Otherwise hubby and I are trying to squeeze out the last drops of summer as much as possible. We went to visit our favorite people in Maine for a few days and that was AWESOME. I will always and forever love Portland, Maine. Good food, good people, nice relaxing drive up there. All around great. Yesterday we went to my sister's and spent some much needed time with her fam. With all the vacations and work and trips, we haven't seen them all summer. We had a lazy day of laughing and playing and eating and watching football. Do you know where your wenis is?
Today is labor day and we are taking it easy. Lots of catching up on house stuff and getting ready for the busy month ahead but also some relaxing and maybe reading a book.
Have a great day!

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