I have always believed very strongly in the fact that we all have a story and a journey that we are on. No two stories are alike and everyone has to explore their own journey.
Having said that I have always been obsessed with my own journey and what path to take and what implications that would have. There aren't a lot of decisions at this specific point in my journey, but never before have I been so anxious to see what is next.
I am so grateful for my hubby who lets me be as emotional as I need to be, who understands that every minute is a different obstacle and who pushes me to be as strong as he knows that I can be (even in the moments when I don't feel so).
I am blessed with a mother, mother-in-law and sister that stand by me, cry with me and hold me up. Everyday there is love, courage and strength.
Daily there is a pile of cards that come in the mail to offer hubby and me sympathy and strength in this tough time that we are going through. We are humbled at the love that we have been shown.
I don't know where this journey will lead us but in my heart I know my daughter will light the way.



Jenn said...

Absolutely beautiful.

smiley9188 said...

You have a remarkable ability to find the optimism in everything. You are amazing and strong. Thank you for sharing such a difficult part of your life with the universe.

Amanda said...

Thinking of you, so much.

sarahcmorin said...

You are amazing, Stefania. What beautiful words! Undoubtedly, there are great things that await you and Greg. I'm so proud of your courage.