I'm gonna try and not make every post about my impending motherhood, but it's not easy people. This is one of the most important and crazy things that has ever happened to me and bloggie peeps I gotta tell you about it.
So I finally have my appetite back. I never thought that I would ever write that sentence. I have always been a food lover so it was especially strange to not really want to eat. That was my 1st trimester in a nutshell. I won't regale you with the boobie problems or worse yet some other not so family friendly stuff that I was dealing with. So here I am 4 months pregnant and ready to eat. I am so sure that hubby was ready with the ice cream runs in the middle of the night, or the cookies and cakes that would fill the house. So when I said "Honey can you please get me a salad and some watermelon and don't forget the apples." I was not met with cheers. I have promised him that I see a banana split for dinner in our future, but right now bring me a fruit salad and I am one happy mama.

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