Life is good!!!

We've had a few 4-day work weeks and it is looking like there is another one coming. There is enough snow on the ground to last us til May and it is amazing to drive around and see it all. The roads have all been reduced to one lane and my husband is snow blowing the deck as we speak to protect the garage beneath. This last snow day was a complete surprise. They predicted that it would start snowing earlier in the day, and by 5pm nary a snowflake was flying. It was confirmed that it was "snowing like crazy" everywhere else but it was calm around here. I left work at 5pm and the roads were a bit slick but nothing serious. The schools had been let out at 1pm though. When I was headed to bed at 9pm, still wasn't snowing like crazy. So I figured that it would snow a little, we would have a 90 minute delay and that would be the end of it. Woke up to 15 inches. WHOA!!! This has been the season to end all seasons. Record snowfall ever! That kinda blows my mind. Wonder what February will bring.
So... life is good. Can't complain that I get to hibernate with the hubby and make comfort food and stay home under the blanket drinking hot cocoa. Can't complain that my job lets me stay home when there is serious snow fall. Can't complain that I am still connected to the world and get to see how everyone else is coping with the snow through the interweb. Can't complain that my hubby bought new tires this year that rock the casbah and can drive through anything, and when there is a flurry in the forecast he insists that I take his car. Can't complain that hubby always takes care of the snow (sometimes before I even wake up) and warms up the car for me if I have to go in. Can't complain that even though all this snow is a PAIN in the you-know-what, it is beautiful. Can't help but hum the song "It's a marshmallow world in the Winter", all day long.
Ciao peeps, keep looking for that silver lining, there is one in every cloud (even if it is frozen)!

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