As all resolutions generally go.. I'm already failing.
I haven't updated in almost TWO WEEKS...
My newest resolution is to start the resolutions on Sept 1st. That at least gives me a few days to shake out the cobwebs and start everything in the same week...school and resolutions.
What have I been doing for two weeks... well let me give you the highlights:
* Enjoyed a gorgeous day at Bishop's Orchard winefest. Good wine, good friends, super delish jerk chicken for dinner.
*Shot a wedding with Jenn. Great location, rainy ceremony, long ride home. I always enjoy working with Jenn. She has a great eye and really gets her clients! Love it. (two more this summer!)
* Had dinner with Mom.
* Long overdue drinks (or um decadent dessert) with a good friend.
* Walk with a friend.
* Babysitting on a terribly windy stormy day.
*Swimming with a few little ones on a terribly windy and stormy day. ;) My youngest nephew took great pleasure in running and jumping into the pool into my arms. I dissolved in laughter every time at his funny faces and the deluge of water that rained over me with every jump. I could have done that for hours.
* Not enough hanging with hubby. He went on tour and then I was a busy bee. We will see each other sometime in 2011.
* Book club was small but lovely, as always. Delicious dinner and super yummy delish rhubarb dessert (mental note get rhubarb and make something yummy!).
* Tonight I'm going to visit Jenn and Margeaux with Colleen. I haven't seen them in a few weeks and I can't wait to snuggle that cutey! Margeaux too! :)
So glad that it is Friday. It has been a super duper long week and I am looking forward to having some down time before school starts.
Hope you all enjoy the weekend.

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