Weekend Weather

We have been blessed with some super amazing weather this weekend. Hope that it is indicative of the weather we will be getting and not some crazy fluke. It is New England after all and you never can tell!
I am trying to get all my cleaning and tidying up so that I can go for a walk. Yeah! We'll see.
I have had a super awesome weekend so far and I don't want it to end. I was so tired Friday night. I came home ran straight up stairs to change into some comfy clothes, warmed up some yummy leftovers and deposited myself on the couch. Ahhhhh..... so nice.
Saturday was filled with fun fun fun. Hubby and I went to visit my mom at the salon where she shaved his head with a straight razor. My hubby always has his head shaved but every now and again he wants an old fashioned straight razor shave. Afterward we went to the grocery store and battled the lines. Dang... two weeks in a row I went to the store in the midst of crazy weekend shopping. Hate it! Back to the house for some unwinding, then DATE NIGHT. We aren't the weekly date night type so when we do designate a date night it is always fun. Originally we were going to a bar to see a band... those plans changed so we were on our own. My ipod has been screwed up for awhile so we went to the .... MALL. We are both mall haters. Not so strong on my end because after all I do know that mall=clothes and makeup and shoes.... but not a fan. The store was jam packed but I was able to recycle my old ipod and get a spiffy new purple one! Love it. Then we ventured to the jewelry store to replace a ring that hubby has beat to heck. He is really hard on jewelry.
Last but not least we were walking back through and hubby saw a hat that he liked. I must preface this story with the fact that hubby really REALLY loves hats but he has the biggest noggin and it is NOT easy to find his size ANYWHERE. So... the fact that he saw a hat in this particular store... I was already chuckling to myself because this is the type of store that doesn't really carry large sizes. We walked in, walked around and I expected to walk out... but hubby found a hat, popped it on his head and.. it FIT. Not only did it fit, but it was BIG. I started laughing; uncontrollably. It was just so funny that we happened to be in that store and found a hat that fit and looked great on him. The icing on the cake was that it was on sale and only cost $15. I mean HILARIOUS!


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JudyB said...

Greg is obsessed with hats! Too funny!