Today is a beautiful day.

Started out clear and crisp with a snap in the air. The snap that means that school is starting soon. Not sure why, but there is always one day around the time that hubby goes back to school that is like this, surely it will go back to HHH tomorrow or over the weekend and then not come back for a month. But it is almost like mother nature knows and wants to show that school is BACK ON.
I know hubby hates when school starts again but I secretly (guess not so secret anymore) love it… and not for the reason you think. I love our few minutes together in the morning, I love the smell of coffee being brewed by him, when I get out of the shower; it is the same maker and same coffee but it tastes leagues better when he makes it. He used to bring it to me in bed; but I had to stop that because by the time I got out of the shower it was already too cold. I love the small chatter that we share and then of course the “have a good day, I love you” hug and kiss, beats all!


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Kara said...

That's so sweet! My husband and I used to carpool every day together and that time I had him all to myself was precious to me! Enjoy your coffee (and husband) this morning!