Did you miss me?

Well... I missed you.
Life was all too confusing last week and LONG... man was it long.
Work was go go go (and really hard with that damn band-aid).
I'm still busy, but the level is much lower.
Lately it seems that everyone wants to get together and DO something... and I can't do it ALL people.
But I would like too.
This Saturday is the Gala at HSC and are you surprised that I'm volunteering? G will be with me and that will be fun.
I'm super sad to be missing the festivities at
though... man that is going to be one fun BBQ, 1st of the season.
(if you're reading I was so looking forward to finally meeting you... can we make other plans?).
I feel the need to make a list and it will be to the peeps that I LOVE.
Hana- hope you get to check me out! Love you madly and will miss you like CRAAZEEEE.
Jaime- are you still out there?
Sub- how about you? We are ALL still waiting for a new post. You promised!!! Plus I promised all these folks that you would post Easter pics of me... get a move on sister!!!
Al and Nina- I will so miss the festivities this Saturday but let us please plan a weekend soon!!!
Leah- I'll miss our quiet mornings together... but I'm here always babe.
Whoever else is out there... leave a comment for gosh sakes...



The Whole Self said...

oooooh no! i'm SO sad that i'm going to be missing you. we'll definitely have to plan another time to hang out in al's backyard, picnic-style. let's throw some dates around...maybe late may or early june?

mama al said...

i'm down!~

hope you are GREAT, i miss you monsterously.

call me ASAP;-? (or when you get a chance...)

love you